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Sunday, March 17th, 2013

And so after much had passed, money as usual was tight. A man walked up and said “train My colt, a brother to Scorpio Prince” and I will sign ownership of Alfalfa Sam to You!! I said “done, for 3 months training and keep!!!” Owner pays shoeing and Veterinarian Bill. After having the 10 year old Brown son of Armbro Dusty Shod, I entered Him in an Sunday afternoon Matinee. Later that afternoon the Colt “Pisces Prince” arrived and was introduced to his cross ties and race harness. My partner and I also got line driven that afternoon. Smart ,easy to work with Colts were tough to come by in the 1980’s. Most colts would fight every new idea that came to them. By the time I loaded “Alfalfa Sam” on the trailer for Hemlock Fairgrounds , that colt was hitched to a cart and driving. not perfect mind You, but going straight. Anyways back to the older gelding, I digressed too much. This first week excursion did not give us any income but ,we learned a little. ended up 5th but felt we were going the right way. The next week I felt was ours. My Wife and I got that Sam dressed and ready before I walked over to get the program and sign in. I had to take some time because His neck can had to be placed just right to fit with the Raymond over-check  This horse I suspected “choked” during the race, so My rigging was going to help ,if that was the case. We put His saddle cloth ,head number and race bike on and He was ready!!! I know they were All snickering at Us, But They did not know what I knew. Just before the call to post, I pulled Sam’s tongue out and tied it so it was hanging out of his mouth. That small change put the large thick part of the tongue against His air flap/soft pallet. The race formed after the post parade on the backstretch, and We eased up to speed in front of the crowd. Off and pacing the announcer blares….I knew the fellow inside of us was a $10,000 claimer and grabbed a spot behind him First Quarter 32 seconds!!! As We neared the Half mile stick ,I could feel the pace slowing, Pulling out of the pocket at the half was unheard of. Out we come and to the front ,quickly we opened up a gap of 3 lengths and never looked back. Alfalfa Sam had won the race in 2:08 that afternoon. The second race that day we just eased through the motions and finish 2nd in 2:07. What a great workout for an animal that was not able to qualify at Batavia Downs in 2:10 just a month before. The next week I entered Sam in a $3,000 claimer at Vernon Downs. A big 3/4 mile track will be a good place to start. My partner was up to drive, so I repeated – Just keep Him safe pull him at the 5/8 stick and DO NOT hit him with the whip!!! Remember partner, its $750.00 Our share…that means we’ll have food ,gas, and tolls for another trip!!! Now Batavia Downs Did not want this horse because they only allowed $3500 and up claimers, if He wins He is good to enter at Batavia for the $3500 tag. Needless to say, My Partner did exactly what We had talked about, and Sam Win by neck!!! Season Record 2:05 2/5ths. Close but WIN just the Same!!! Confident :oh yeah, Now We had money to bring the 13 year old “Saul Express” to Vernon and get Him racing well!! I’ll have to write again so You can hear More: Peace. Check the record…based on the true story, lines 2, 3, and 4.


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Alfalfa Sam

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DFB (Tuesday, February 12, 2013)

Horses From.

Friday, March 15th, 2013

When I remember Horse Auction I stumble upon Fond memories. In most recent history two, are very dear to Me, both situations were at Morrisville N.Y.. At any auction the buyer does very simalar things. Arrive early, Review prospects, Estimate price and make good Notes in Your sale catalog. or as I say it : A-R-E-N After spending 2 hours evaluating and makingt notes on 15 prospects I chose My seat: to the front and off to the side, everytime, why? I do not have a clue, just saying. When they brought the little Roan colt named Twister Mister into the ring, to Me he was special. I glanced at My notes and noticed markings, a top price of $5K to $6K in the sales catalog. I like the swoop and bid method, I.E.: bidding stalls /Catalog price hasen’t been reached? Jump in Baby!! Bidding slowed and almost stopped, boom $2.8k Me /others, others, John Jr. next to Me “for that rat?” others/, $4k /others, $4.5k Me and wait for it SOLD I tallied the Girls first Trotting bred colt. Getting the yearlings loaded onto trailers can be tough for some, but We never had real bad luck with it, they do learn with patience!! After getting Twister back to Batavia Downs unloaded and introduced to the stable. Twister basically let the whole barn know that he was home without even being prompted!!! One amusing thing aboul this guy was, He never acted out while in harness. This horses was to be named “Paulie MaGuire” and a fine horse indeed…Paulie’s 2 year old mark came in October of His 2 year old year at Batavia Downs NY. From the 8 hole We left the gate and son of a gun, I did not want to sit behind the horse in front of Me. I took Paulie 2 wide at the eighth pole and just sat parked outside two deep ,lurking,the entire mile. This race was just after I trained Paulie in 2:03 and I felt there was not a horse among them that could trot that much. Well Win he did!! …Not Mark, not jerry ,but Paulieeeeeee Maguire the announcer beamed!! What a huge win for Paulie ,againsdt aged horses ,from the eight hole, in the mud!!! Now We must understand, in harness racing the top five finishers get a check. As a three year old, getting checks is what Paulie did. This little, unknown “for that rat??” accumulated over forty thousand dollars in two racing seasons..only three wins but many tough 2nd and 3rd place showings. New York Paramutual tracks: Yonkers, Monticello, Saratoga, Tioga, Vernon, Batavia, Buffalo, and Fair tracks: Palmyra, Hemlock, Trumansburg, Bath, Waterloo, Norwitch, and Horseheads all Mailed checks to His owners. Race timed in 2:00.2/5h, 1:57.2/5s with last Halfs in .57.2/5s and last quarters .28s. What a wonderful horse Paulie has been!! I am sure to share more of Paulies adventures soon!!!


The Year Paulie was 3 years old, brought Me MakeithappenMaxine as a yearling. Max was Paulie’s younger full sister. Maxine had shown some moments of brilliance as a 2 year old and made over $13k. Her brightes moment was really a fourth place finish at Batavia Down where she was race timed in 2:03h. Together We scored a NYSS Late Closer win and missed only 2 checks for the season. Max was meant to be a nice horse , upon her 3 year old year ,just could not get it together. The fall came again and found Us at Morrisville NY to bid on another colt. I looked over 15 or so. What a surprised to see a filly I was interested in between $4k to $5k stalling at $1400.00 . This filly had 6 full brothers and sisters and they all made money. I could Not believe the gavel fell at $2400.00 and Emma Alleman” was Our next trotting filly!!! This filly was My Gal on the spot. I loaded her on the trailer and went to latch the gate and out she came …OOPS>>>Loose filly tail over her back and just trotting accross the parking lot!!! WTF…Getting her home and immmediatly We sent in a name request for “Mollie Maguire”. What a classy gal from the first moment. Fluid like Maxine and size of Saul Express…man o man what a steal. This filly was the first Filly 2 year old with a record in the nation. Mollie was just over the top, her win was wire to wire, evenly rated 2:10h. Just bad luck in her races, behind dead wood or like at Goshen in the Landmark Stake scewed by the flow. After the Pat Mechi stake she got some type of reaction to knee treatment so, I had her turned out. We brought Mollie back ,as a 4 year old, and I knew it would take a few races, but she would get her fast record soon. After finishing ahead of two of her sisters at Vernon, it was time. They had a race for her at Batavia and there We traveled. Win she did, First up timed at the half in 1:01.2/5h mile in 2:01.4/5h Last Quarter .30.4/5h


As the weather chilled down for winter, Our Sweet Mollie had a terrible accident. Her wounds were such that healing was a long shot. Mollie fell asleep in My arms that day, but not in Our hearts. Life is like racing Horses, You have those wonderful, energized times and Yes those horrible times.


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Career as Trainer/Driver

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Looking back at 2008 I now know that was the apex for My stable. Trotters All..We had a new 2yo  prospect We named “Mollie Maguire” ,returning 3yo ” Makeithappenmaxine”, mending 4yo “Paulie Maguire”, and 7yo Armbro Bravo. add in a new addition MJ’s Fantasy (pacer) We were poised to have a season even better than 2007 when the stable went 23 for 25 checks in stakes with  paid entries.

Mollie Maguire became the first filly in the record books for the USTA with a win in her first start. Although the time was 2:10 for the mile she was handy in racing wire to wire unthreatened by her peers. I evenly rated the mile and she stayed on task to the disapointment of many.

Makeithappenmaxine came in late from Vermont and We developed her slowly for the stake season ahead. We certainly were hoping for the best as she had been race timed in 2:03h and over 13k on her 2yo card including a NYSS Late closer win. A full sister to Paulie Maguire she had size and gate We just needed racing luck.

Paulie Maguire was and still is the little horse that could….racing against aged company out of the 8 hole as a 2yo in the mud…..I took him clear of traffic at the 1/8th pole and remained parked the entire mile. All that We could manage were grins…He is one tough bugger. As a 3yo We raced every track in NY and some twice trotting in every one without a miscue. The highlights of this season were the Yonkers NYSS Late Closer 2nd place and the 2nd place from the 7 hole NYCF Championship at Monticello Raceway. After his win at Batavia in October a few decided to chop Us down and keep Us out of it. in His November start they chopped him down and that caused his broken coffin bone. Paulie spent time mending his left front coffin bone break through most of his 4yo year, Paulie qualified that November.

Armbro Bravo had the greatest year of his career earning over 11k and posting his Half Mile Track record of 2:02 at Buffalo Raceway.

MJ’s Fantasy should have been a solid claim from the 4k ranks, He was thin and mal-kept . After conditioning him and getting some weight on Him he was sassy!!! Poor MJ was a dedicated bleeder and nothing within our legal methods helped. Although He was in great shape and well kept He couldn’t beat a fat man tied to the ding weeds!!

DFB  (Saturday, December 10, 2011)