Friendly Neighbor Discount

Here at Tobehanna Farm and Feed everyone receives discounts on in store purchases!! 


Come down to the farm!

There are  three different Discount Tiers available: 

  1. Friendly Neighbor”
  2. “Walk-in Special” 
  3. “The Deluxe”

Sorry no discount on delivered items. 

Providing Quality Livestock Feed and Supplements  

by BUCKEYE Nutrition Since 2009.

“We Feed Champions”

Tobehanna Farm and Feed has a great variety of items. Over 480 items are kept in stock in store and for everything else there is the electronic @Store! Feed for many small and domestic animals including: Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Dairy Cows, Calves, Alpaca, Pond Fish, Hummingbird, Chickens, Game Birds, Turkey’s, as well as Song Bird seed.


My name is Hope and I am the farm dog.

Tobehanna Farm and Feed

Offering products from the puppy to our older inactive friends.

  • Select Hardware, Bird feeders, Charcoal, Salt Blocks
  • Veterinarian supplies including: Iodine Prep, Ichthammol, and Gauze
  • Orphan Horse, Cow, and Goat Milk replacement.
  • Scour electrolytes are on the shelf, and so much more!

GB Wynn * Wee Willie Wynwood – Mynah Hanover circa 1976

Relax your mind, down on the farm.

Every purchase made at the store receives a discount. Discounts do not apply on delivery items and phone orders.

Select  Fine coffees by” Boca Java” are now available. Watch for other specialty and grocery items in the future. :)

Offering  a select line of feeds…Stable ,Consistent, and high quality feeds at a very economical price. Blends starting at 12%protein and 3% fat. Two products to choose from in this product line. For a limited time receive an additional $1.00 off per bag of Select 12/6% Sweet Feed purchased. Offer only good on in store cash and carry purchases. Limited quantities available so do not delay. Farrier/Blacksmith Supplies and Shoes. Standard-bred steel shoes are in stock…Half Rounds, Full Swedges, Half round Half Swedges and of course race nails and Boreum.